What I'm Reading

I've got three books on the go at the moment (well, those are the main ones, I've actually got a couple more I'm reading).



Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell is proving fun and sophisticated and Austenish- basically everything I love. Susanna Clarke even has the archaic word forms right! This makes me incredibly happy.



So far Raising Steam is not one of Pratchett's best. Quite frankly (and understandably) his last couple of books have not been up to his best standards. It's still a really fun read so far, and though I would have loved to see more of Vimes and Rincewind rather than Moist Von Lipwig, I still enjoy seeing him and Adorabella again.


And last but certainly not least:



I'm really enjoying this so far. It's fast-paced and engaging, and though I don't really like the potential love interest/s, I REALLY love Marci. She's a great character. Storyline is absolutely wonderful, and when I dip into this book in my Reading Time before bed, I find it hard to stop and go to sleep. Some language so far (the F-word used once, I believe) and I'm hoping not to find more, but it will be worth skimming past it for this book. Definitely recommend this one so far.


What are you guys reading?