Things to do, things to do...

— feeling beaten

So. The week began with me sick. That was nice. Still sick, by the way.


I've just finished edits and general EVERYTHING of my Two Monarchies title Spindle, which is due out August 10th. (Preorder on Amazon or Preorder on Kobo). Exhausting. Also exciting and exhilarating.


Which means, in turn, that I've begun work on New Things. New things in this case being the 2nd volume in my Time-Traveller's Best Friend Series, and the 2nd book in my Two Monarchies series. It's been fun.


It ALSO means that I've a bit of free time again! Hooray! Now maybe I can finish reading Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell.


Gotta gear up, because next week is the book blog tour for Wolfskin! Hope to see you all there somewhere along the way!


In the meantime, enjoy this pic of my home made hot chocolate (it's winter here in Aus).


I'll enjoy the real thing :)



And just because I feel all warm and indulgent and hot chocolatey, here is the blurb for Spindle! (In case you missed it).


She’s not a princess . . . but then, he’s no prince.

Polyhymnia is deep in enchanted sleep. High in a tower, behind an impenetrable barrier of magical thorns, she sleeps, dreams, and falls ever deeper into her curse.

Woken by a kiss, Poly finds herself in an alien world where three hundred years have passed and everyone she has ever known is dead. Luck, the enchanter who woke her, seems to think she is the princess. Understandable, since he found her asleep on the princess’ bed, in the royal suite, and dressed in the princess’ clothes.

Who cursed Poly? Why is someone trying to kill her and Luck? Why can’t she stop falling asleep?

And why does her hair keep growing?


Sometimes breaking the curse is just the beginning of the journey.