Well, that was fun!

— feeling crazy rabbit
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy - Douglas Adams

Ridiculous, fun, and decidedly tongue-in-cheek. I'm only surprised it took me this long to check it out! Now I'll have to check out the others.


Favourite passage:


"Hey, they're shooting at us," said Arthur, crouching in a tight ball. "I thought they said they didn't want to do that."
"Yeah, I thought they said that," agreed Ford.
Zaphod stuck a head up for a dangerous moment.
"Hey," he said, "I thought you said you didn't want to shoot us!" and ducked again.
They waited.
After a moment a voice replied, "It isn't easy being a cop!"
"What did he say?" whispered Ford in astonishment.
"He said it isn't easy being a cop."
"Well, surely that's his problem isn't it?"

"I'd have thought so."

Ford shouted out, "Hey, listen! I think we've got enough problems of our own having you shooting at us, so if you could avoid laying your problems on us as well, I think we'd all find it easier to cope!"