Reading progress update: I've read 115 out of 374 pages.

— feeling amazing
The Hunger Games - Suzanne  Collins

Okay, so I was reading this today, and realised how INTO it I was. I was feeling like I haven't felt since I was a kid and was reading 2-3 book per day.


At first I thought it was 'cos I haven't been this engrossed in a book in a long time, but that's rubbish, cos I've read Kate Stradling, and I defy ANYONE not to be absolutely engrossed to the point of not being able to stop reading her books.


Then I realised that this feeling is because the breakdown of my reading preference by genre has changed. I used to read almost NOTHING but adventure. Robert Louis Stevenson, Walter Scott, The Hardy Boys, swashbucklers of any kind. High energy, high adventure, and high emotions. I ate them up. I was engrossed in the adventure.


And that's what I've felt again reading The Hunger Games.


I still read adventure, but this one has taken me back to my high-flying, breath-taking, thrill-reading 12 year old self. I'm just sorry I didn't have these to read back then.