Reading progress update: I've read 250 out of 374 pages.

The Hunger Games - Suzanne  Collins

Still really enjoying this. Book Katniss is more capable of empathy and the art of understanding--or at least wondering about--what other people think, and why they do the things they do. Movie Katniss isn't capable of that, it's like there's bit of her missing--DEFINITELY not a flaw, I LOVE that about Movie Katniss--but somehow they manage to still be the same person.


Peeta is also different but the same. I think a lot of that is because we see him through Katniss's eyes: he changes in our perception as he changes in hers.


One thing does bug me a bit, stylewise: I don't like the habit Suzanne Collins has of breaking up chunks of dialogue with entirely unnecessary "Haymitch says"s and "Effie says" when it's perfectly obvious who's speaking. It interrupts the flow for me. I've nothing against dialogue tags, but when you cut a paragraph of dialogue right at the end with a "So and so says", it stuffs with the rhythm.


Oh, and last but not least:


Haymitch guffaws, and we all start laughing--except Effie, although even she is suppressing a smile.

"Well, it serves them right. It's their job to pay attention to you. And just because you come from District Twelve is no excuse to ignore you." Then her eyes dart around as if she's said something totally outrageous. "I'm sorry, but that's what I think," she says to no one in particular. 


I flamin' LOVE Effie Trinket! She's adorable! With all the disadvantages of a spoiled upbringing in a mentally-twisted city, and natural stupidity, she really is wonderful! I just LOVE that she's capable of growth. She's on the wrong side of the story (at least at first), but I really like seeing her edge toward the right side. It's more obvious and better drawn in the book than in the movie for sure.