Weird but fun...

Interviews With Legendary Writers From Beyond - Amy de Boinville, Cathy McGough, C.A. McGough

This book was a weird, interesting, fun, mixed read. I really enjoyed it. The closest thing I can compare it to is Don Marquis' Archy the Cockroach, which is also weird, interesting, and fun.
I loved the interview format, and the bits and pieces of poets' and authors' lives that I never knew about. I loved the funny interim pieces with Madame Delatour and the narrator. Although I'd come across and read almost all the authors/poets in the book, I learned something new or amusing about each of them, and I actually found one I now WANT to read!

Oh, and I REALLY appreciate it being set in Sydney, Australia. So few books I read are set in Australia and I love reading the ones that are :)

Favourite Quote?

"So passionate! So elegantly written! I can't wait to see what Mr Shelly is like in person. And for the occasion I have prepared a plate of vegemite sandwiches."