Three Cheers!! (And lots of Hogans Heroes)

— feeling amazing

It's finished!


The Short Thing I started as a challenge has grown to be a 41k word novella, and has finally finished its growth spurt! I had a huge day of writing on Saturday (6k) and a huge day today (5.5k) to finish it; and it feels SO GOOD!


Now I'm gonna put it aside for a week and not touch it until I start my 2 weeks of intensive editing.


That means...


Me watching Hogan's Heroes

Me reading LOTR again (then more Hogan's Heroes)

Me finishing Catching Fire (then more Hogan's Heroes)

Me drinking SO MANY cuppa teas (while watching Hogan's Heroes)


*Happy Sigh!*


A WHOLE WEEK to relax!


Now I just have to be firm about Not Writing.