Sprig Muslin - Georgette Heyer

Oh, I enjoyed this!


It's been such a long time since I've read Sprig Muslin, and I forgot how delightful it is! Sir Gareth and Lady Hester are simply sweet, and I appreciate the soft way in which the romance creeps in, because the romance is not REALLY the focus of this book (strangely enough for a romance novel--and yet I would still categorize it AS a romance).


The characters are as wonderful as ever--and some of them as wonderfully loony as ever--and although I knew that Georgette Heyer loved Austen and have seen some direct references made by her characters to Austen's books, I never recognised the Darcy quote that Sir Gareth uses until this time around. So it was delightful to find something new in something so old and familiar to me.


Unlike the last couple of Heyers I read, this one gets all five stars and one big, happy sigh.