Do quite love the cover, too...

First Impressions: Traditional Regency Romance Novella - Elizabeth Johns


A short, sweet, clean read. Very cute, some slightly deeper than usual thought in the characters, but some silliness as well.


L.M. Montgomery once described one of her characters thusly: "She referred to her husband as 'he', as if he were the only male in the world"; and this book does suffer from that habit. Not just with 'he', but 'she'. New paragraphs are begun in a slightly confusing manner, with neither character being named except by those pronouns.


However. It's a light, sweet read, and the above annoyance wasn't enough to make me want to throw the book across the room--or even consider stopping. I appreciated the fact that Helena wasn't stupid enough to think that there would be no difficulties in becoming a mother overnight.


And despite a couple of ludicrous situations, this is NOT your appallingly Americanised Regency type book. Try it out.