— feeling cry
The Kestrel - Lloyd Alexander

I read Westmark #2 first because I haven't been able to get my hands on the first or third book. In fact, I had to source this one from the library (the only one they have, alas!) and I will now be scouring book shops until I find all three and bear them off triumphant.


I actually don't know where to start. Because I can't seem to grapple with all the feelings that this book brought up, I'll be brief.


I'm shattered. In awe. I've read the Prydain Chronicles and consider them the best of the best, but Westmark #2, in my opinion, manages to be better.


It's the closest thing to grimdark that I've read--or will read--and I was sobbing at least twice as I read it. I don't make a habit of sobbing over books. I've had a sniffle once or twice with other books, but that's it.


Lloyd Alexander has what I consider to be an unparalleled ability to create flawed, striving, achingly real characters with actual moral goodness to them. And he does it so well that I wept along with the other characters to see Theo's innocence begin to be lost.


That is all. Read at your peril--but DO read.